I have the “day-off,” but I still need…

I have the “day-off,” but I still need to check in at the office. I’m bringing my lap top and will write at work. Reading the Kakutani review of Nabokov’s “Laura,” about how he worked “feverishly” during his last days, inspired me. I’m a fan of the tortoise method: regular, plodding work, chiseling the book page-by-page, until it’s done. But maybe I could stand a little fever. I’ll have time over the Holiday to seriously work, so maybe I’ll push myself a little. I’m in the final rough patch, traversing the wilderness between the first two thirds and the ending, so far as it exists in my mind. It’s around this stage the book can take final form in my head; now might be the time to take a breath and grasp it.

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