Finishing up Draft 2 of the New One

This weekend I’ll finish up the new draft of the New One. I’m working on a series of scenes in which a terminally frustrated assassin makes his way across the state to reach his victim (our heroine). I love that feeling when you realize some final point, and suddenly the entire book clicks (not just on paper, but in your head), and suddenly it feels like a complete work. Editing is a long, multi-step process, and I’m sure there will be more work to do, but this version has come together in a way that really thrills me.

In other news, I’m brainstorming Girl Parts II, the next project in the dock. It’ll be great fun to revisit Rose et al. I feel like I’ve already learned so much since completing the first book, that the second is sure to be a blast to write. I may end up doing a big outline before sitting down to write. In working on later drafts, I find my best stuff comes from knowing exactly what I want each scene to accomplish ahead of time. I typically write with a dozen word documents open at once, writing several scenes simultaneously, rather than working chronologically, so a rough outline may work for me. We’ll see.


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