Enough With the Vacation Already

Yesterday I met with Candlewick’s independent sales reps at the Williams Club on 39th. My dad works for Barnes & Noble, as did I for years, but my heart’s always been with the indies (that’s the retirement plan, anyway– something resembling Black Books). I got to chat about Girl Parts and answer their questions, which ranged from online marketing to bullies to Brooklyn bookstores. It was great to get the chance to chat directly with the reps. That’s a rare opportunity, and I appreciated it.

So it’s been a week since I finished the revise– the longest I’ve gone in years without working on a new project. I’ve begun tinkering with Girl Parts II, and I may, depending on what Scott says, work a little on the adult book I occasionally dip into between drafts. The last stretch on the New One was pretty draining, so I think I needed a week off. But now I’m getting antsy. There’s nothing worse than coming back to the page feeling rusty.

I finished Matched by Allyson Condie (speaking of fantastic covers), and now I need something fresh. Any suggestions?


  1. wow, MATCHED really does have a fantastic cover. And now I have to wait til November. Thanks for getting my hopes up, John! Gah.

    (Patience is not one of my strengths.)

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