Submission Day

Yesterday was submission day; the New One (I’ll tell ya the title *eventually* ) is in the hands of my fabulous editor at Candlewick. Excitement! It was a grueling week, finishing up the final polish. But now that it’s off I’m bursting with ideas, and psyched to get to work on the third book. Thoughts for Girl Parts 2 are coalescing. I think bakers call it the “soft ball” stage.

Possible title: Boy Parts?

Hmm, probably not.


  1. So there will be a Girl Parts 2? I just finished it like two minutes ago, lol, and was like “That can’t be the end, can it?! There must be more!” Although I do like the title Boy Parts- I mean, it does fit with the series kinda. I was wondering why they were only doing girl companions but no boy companions. Are girls just not as disassociative as boys? Or are the scientists just pervs? lol

    1. There’s more to come. Rose, Charlie, and David’s story is far from finished.

      Sakora is slow to release a line of boy Companions, but they’re in development. Someone over there thought they’d be less lucrative. Pervs? Maybe. But definitely greedy.

  2. Boy Parts strikes me as kind of off.
    So when can we expect Rose’s return? Later in 2012, or 2013?

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