Interview w/ E. Kristin Anderson

You may know E. Kristin Anderson by her poetry, published in two dozen literary journals, from Mimesis (her chapbook In Travel was a runner-up there) to the Cimarron Review. What you may not know is she’s a helluva interviewer. Let ‘er rip, EKA.

EKA: The Sakora Company and the Companions have a strict set of morals, based on their views of morality and what they think dating and boy/girl interaction should look like. What do you think of Sakora’s rules?
JMC: They’re awful! Particularly for the Companions. Rose wants to be physical with David before her programming permits, and other Companions might want to take things slower. Ultimately, the decision to have sex or be in a relationship should be up to the two people involved, not some external system. I do think friendship is important to a relationship, and that sex is not something to take lightly. In this sense, Rose really does teach David a healthier way to relate to others. But Sakora’s morality is in service of profit. It’s slapdash and mechanical.

EKA: Some might argue that GIRL PARTS is a feminist book, and some might disagree, finding certain elements anti-feminist. Did you have a feminist ideology in mind while writing?
JMC: GIRL PARTS might have anti-feminist characters, but there’s nothing anti-feminist about its author. Gender and queer issues are important to me, and while addressing what I saw as little-explored themes of adolescent male sexuality, I hoped to convey that David’s — and more dramatically Sakora’s — gender politics are positively Neanderthal.

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  1. John! So glad you liked the interview! I brought your book over to a friends’ house this weekend and left it there for them — I can’t wait to see what they have to say!

    So sweet of you to mention my poetry. Lately I’ve been so wrapped up in YA that I forget that I’ve got other things up my sleeve. So I appreciate that — reminds me I have pieces to submit!

    Be sure to stop back by, some serious Banned Books Week action is on its way!

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