Humble Pile

It’s next to my desk. It’s enormous. It’s moving. It might even be…thinking. But I’ve come out in defense of the slush pile.

“Armchair/Shotgun has its own pile, which, if it were physical rather than electronic, would teeter seventeen stories high. We remove author names before consideration, and are, I believe, alone in this practice. The result: our authors are first-timers as well as established writers. I’m not sure why more journals don’t do this, but my guess is laziness. It’s easy to read a submitter’s bio and dismiss her writing because Suzie Q. Schoolmarm has never been published and started writing last week. Amazingly, it’s easier to dismiss a person than a manuscript.”

See me post on Armchair/Shotgun‘s blog, SHELLS.



  1. Thanks! I think writers sometimes imagine an actual pile we pick from indiscriminately, manuscripts falling into floor vents or getting buried forever. The realty is akin to a stack; we start at the top and move to the bottom, in order. It’s *very* rare a ms gets misplaced.

    1. I feel relieved and frightened at the same time but I conquer with the above comment about the slush pile…which also caused me many sleepless nights. Girl Parts is awesome I know this may not your inspiration but it reminds me of eighties movie WEIRD SCIENCE.

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