New Author Profile on FIGMENT, and a Bit About Feedback

Hi All,

The good folks at Figment (an online community for writers and readers) have set me up with a fabulous Author Page. I’ve just been updating it with some fun stuff (instead of working. shhh…don’t tell my boss).

In the meantime, here’s a short ramble about feedback I just posted on said Author Page:

Feedback is the Death By Chocolate of writing. You crave it, you MUST have it, you eagerly anticipate its arrival after the long, Good For You meal of writing. When this rich dessert finally comes you gobble it down without thinking, you’re so excited. Then it’s gone, and the queasiness sets in. The Feedback sits in your stomach like led, and you wonder if you’ve written something horrible.

I received two rounds of edits this week, one on an upcoming short story to appear at, and another on the latest draft of my new book CHERRY MONEY BABY, which will be released by Candlewick in 2012.  The first time I received criticism (years ago) I panicked. Here I had completed this work of Effortless Genius and now I had to CHANGE it? But…it was perfect!

Now that I’ve recieved countless edit letters from my awesome agent and fabulous editor, I’m incredibly grateful. Working at an agency (the same that represents me, in fact) I’ve learned that even widely-published, award-winning authors have to revise and revise and revise. Nabokov famously said “There is no such thing as reading, only rereading.” I’m probably not the first to modify his sentiment: “There is no writing, only rewriting.”

So now my platter is full of Things to Change, Things to Improve, Things to Tweak. I’m fortunate to have brilliant and thoughtful folks reviewing my work. I can’t wait to dive in, but I’m glad to consider each morsel carefully, and savor.

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