YA Cliches, A List

Avoid at all costs:

(I’ve been guilty of most of these. Shame, shame.)

  1. City kid must move to the country.
  2. Girl encounters mysterious boy (or boy encounters mysterious girl).
  3. Getting over a dead family member.
  4. Kid discovers ancient family legacy / curse.
  5. Kid is destined to save parallel dimension.
  6. Male best friend who loves girl who loves mysterious boy. (via @ginad129)
  7. Girl falls in love with the guy she SWEARS she would never fall for. Ever. Until she does. (via @simplebookworm)
  8. Jocks that bully incessantly. (via @john_zeleznik)
  9. 1st person narrator feels obligated to check mirror 3-4 times throughout book to report on every article of clothing. (via @EyeOnFlux)


  1. Haha! That’s true! (Although, it shames me to admit that a couple of these here cliches have made it into my WIP.)
    Another thing I don’t like in YA is the female protagonist who claims to be “plain,” only to be later described by her love interest as breathtakingly beautiful, much to her surprise.

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