Teddy Wayne author of Kapitoil sat down with…

Teddy Wayne, author of Kapitoil, sat down with me and my fellow Armchair/Shotgun editors to review a few favorite cocktails. Check it out.

Pleasantries are exchanged. Small talk made. Drinks are ordered. The questions begin.***

John M. Cusick (A/S): Visual presentation: What do you think?

Teddy Wayne: It’s presented in a chilled bronze mug that makes you feel a little bit like a Greek king being served either poison or the elixir of the gods. The waiter, of course, presents a lot of decorum here, so it kind of feels like I should be sniffing it, doing something to match up to his presentation. But somehow it also feels like a cup that, like, a tin cup that you get at a summer camp. So I can’t tell if it’s the height of luxury or like a YMCA knock off. Yeah, but it looks good though.


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