CHERRY MONEY BABY audio book! Guess who’s reading it….

So I knew there was going to be a CMB audio book for a few months now, and wondered about the poor sap who’d have to perform the book’s two dozen odd characters and ten-or-so distinct regional accents. Lucky lucky me because the very talented lady (who absolutely nailed every syllable), is none other than Ms. Sarah Elmaleh.*

In addition to being my GFF, Sarah is a phenomenal voice actress of video games, commercials and radio dramas. I couldn’t have asked for a better voice to read for Cherry and company, especially as S has suffered through several years of crummy drafts before getting to read the final aloud. Stay tuned for more news, and maybe a few sample clips.

You guys. You GUYS. I’m so excited.

CHERRY MONEY BABY the audio book will be available from Brilliance Audio on CD and Mp3 the same day as the hardcover: September 10th, 2013.

You can pre-order now!

* And guess what, it’s actually her BIRTHDAY today. You should go wish her happy birthday on Twitter: @selmaleh


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