Bologna Book Fair

Photos from Bologna

Last week I was in Italy for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Here are a few photos:

bologna view

View from my hotel room.


Italian gramma watering her plants.


There’s a used book tent in town (no relation to the Fair I don’t think). Not pictured: X-Men comic books in Italian.


First night in Bologna Greenhouse has a family dinner with our sister company Rights People and Working Partners. It ends, inevitably, with limoncello.


Covered sidewalks at night. So pretty!


The decidedly less-pretty back alleys of the actual fair grounds. Occasionally you spot a celebrity or two.


2am, the street outside our perfect little hotel.


The weather was *beautiful* this year.


With Greenhouse’s brilliant U.K. agent Polly Nolan. This is Tuesday afternoon I believe and we’re pretty fatigued after two straight days of meetings. But spirits are high!




Last but not least, De Cesari, where I had dinner my last night in town. Some of the best food (and service) I’ve ever experienced in Bologna, which is a pretty high standard. All of it totally worth the crippling jet lag.

For more photos of the fair, check out Publishers Weekly’s Photos from Bologna special edition.

Where’s John?

Conferences, expos, and pitch slams- oh my!

Who says agents are hard to find? Here’s where I’ll be in 2013:

SCBWI Austin: February 8-10, 2013

Unicorn Writers’ Conference, Connecticut: March 9, 2013

Bologna Book Fair, Italy: March 25-26, 2013

Writers Digest Pitch Slam, New York: April 6, 2013

Book Expo, New York: May 29-31, 2013

Midwest Writers Workshop, Indiana: July 25-27, 2013

NESCBWI, New Hampshire: September 6-8, 2013

Bologna! The final chapter.

I swung by the infamous Pink Bar last night, and it was curiously dead. I refuse to believe my generation missed the publishing party boat. I’ll go around tonight again in good faith. You see, I believe.

Lots of international interest in our list this year. We are pushing six major titles (one of which is Girl Parts- oh the joys of selling yourself…) and a series. Meanwhile I run back and forth between meetings and the business center- the only spot with wifi. Speaking of which, I’m late…

Bologna! Cont.

Today began with a bang- three book offers! Are we doin this?

We doin this.

I managed to finagle myself an agent’s centre password, which means I get free wi-fi all over the fair- which is more than I can say for my hotel, which despite the futuristic James Bond decor has no working internet, and as of last night, no working telephones. Coup number three today will be getting myself invited to the Dutch Literature Association’s cocktail party. Fingers crossed.


Running around, meeting with STNY’s co-agents and foreign publishers, jet-lagged, well-dressed, and full of jet-grade Italian coffee. Sallied forth in the rain last night to hit the fab SCBWI dance party. Will try and pop in to Egmont’s cocktail shindig tonight after drinks and dinner with Candlewick and company. Woot.