Brittany Roshelle

Interview and GIRL PARTS giveaway at The Write Stuff

The fabulous Brittany Roshelle has interviewed me at THE WRITE STUFF in conjunction with a GIRL PARTS giveaway. Check it out!

A short sample:

1) How did you become an agent for Scott Treimel NY?

I saw a listing on Craigslist for an agent’s assistant. I knew I wanted to work in children’s publishing, and had interviewed for editorial positions (I didn’t even know what agents did). My interview at STNY was a complete disaster; Scott insisted I didn’t really want the job, and I insisted I did. A week later I got a phone call essentially saying, “I like how you argue. Come work for me.”

2) What’s it like being a literary agent?

I absolutely love it. It’s completely different from writing, which I’ve been doing since I was a kid. To me, being a writer means observing, absorbing the world without judging, taking everything in. Being an agent means constantly evaluating, negotiating. But there’s no better education for a writer than reading and selling a manuscripts.