Pics, Posts, and Lists– Last Week’s Link Roundup

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.14.21 AMThis spring Sharon Biggs Waller‘s debut y.a. A MAD WICKED FOLLY was selected as one of Booklist‘s Top Ten Historicals. This week FOLLY is back on their list of Top Ten Romance Fiction for Youth. Go Sharon! [10.25.14 Update: MAD WICKED FOLLY just made its *third* Booklist Top Ten List!]

Courtney Alameda‘s mind-numbingly terrifying SHUTTER will pub from Feiwel & Friends in January, but in the meantime, here’s Courtney on Scream Queens with a fabulous article about creating better scares with compelling protagonists.

ByWz10UIUAAIaVo-1It’s an author’s (and an agent’s) dream to spot one of your books in the wild– but it really doesn’t get much better than these two young readers with Ryan Gebhart’s THERE WILL BE BEARS (Candlewick Press, 2013) and Hannah Moskowitz’s ZOMBIE TAG (Roaring Brook Press, 2011).



A MAD WICKED FOLLY on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Goodreads
SHUTTER on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Goodreads
THERE WILL BE BEARS on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Goodreads
ZOMBIE TAG on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Goodreads

CHERRY MONEY BABY a Junior Library Guild Selection

Man I love days like today.

JLG logoI just received a super exciting email from Candlewick. CHERRY MONEY BABY is a Junior Library Guild Selection! For those of you who don’t know the JLG, check them out. Over 3,000 manuscripts are submitted by publishers each year, and only an nth make the cut. I am so honored to have CHERRY selected.


In case ya ain’t seen it…

CMB Final Cover


Things we can learn from the CHERRY MONEY BABY cover.

1. There is a girl with sunglasses on the cover.

2. There are trailers involved.

3. There is perhaps a girl named Cherry in it? And maybe something to do with money? And a baby. Definitely.

4. Awesome. Cars.

5. It was written by me. Or someone with my name.

6. Actually, hell, let’s just read the synopsis okay?:

Hollywood glitz collides with workingclass aspirations in this satirical tale of an impulsive starlet and a sharp-witted small-town teen.

Cherry Kerrigan loves her simple life, her family’s tiny trailer, even working at Burrito Barn. Forget college — she’s marrying her sweetheart from next door. But here comes Ardelia Deen, a glamorous starlet who sweeps Cherry into a world of fast cars and penthouse parties. Now Cherry’s small-town life just seems so . . . small. When Ardelia drops a bomb of an offer — one involving a baby — Cherry knows her life will change forever, no matter what she decides. John M. Cusick focuses his signature wit on Hollywood royalty and the wide-eyed dreams of Small Town, U.S.A. in a novel about discovering who you are . . . and changing your mind.

Coming September 10th! Pre-Order Now!

Barnes & Noble


Greenlight Bookstore


Submission Day

Yesterday was submission day; the New One (I’ll tell ya the title *eventually* ) is in the hands of my fabulous editor at Candlewick. Excitement! It was a grueling week, finishing up the final polish. But now that it’s off I’m bursting with ideas, and psyched to get to work on the third book. Thoughts for Girl Parts 2 are coalescing. I think bakers call it the “soft ball” stage.

Possible title: Boy Parts?

Hmm, probably not.

Enough With the Vacation Already

Yesterday I met with Candlewick’s independent sales reps at the Williams Club on 39th. My dad works for Barnes & Noble, as did I for years, but my heart’s always been with the indies (that’s the retirement plan, anyway– something resembling Black Books). I got to chat about Girl Parts and answer their questions, which ranged from online marketing to bullies to Brooklyn bookstores. It was great to get the chance to chat directly with the reps. That’s a rare opportunity, and I appreciated it.

So it’s been a week since I finished the revise– the longest I’ve gone in years without working on a new project. I’ve begun tinkering with Girl Parts II, and I may, depending on what Scott says, work a little on the adult book I occasionally dip into between drafts. The last stretch on the New One was pretty draining, so I think I needed a week off. But now I’m getting antsy. There’s nothing worse than coming back to the page feeling rusty.

I finished Matched by Allyson Condie (speaking of fantastic covers), and now I need something fresh. Any suggestions?