Guest Post & Edits!

Firstly, if you haven’t seen my guest post on the wondrous¬†Word For Teens, check it out!

So last night I came home ¬†to find an email from my fab editor on “the new one,” a.k.a. CHERRY MONEY BABY, the follow-up to Girl Parts. No sooner is one kid out the door, you start raising her baby sister.

I made an effort with this manuscript to “show don’t tell,” and parts almost read like a play, with dialog and action and almost no authorial commentary. BUT, interestingly, my editor wants to see *more* telling, more connective tissue between the bones. This is fine by me, as I love that kind of thing and was restraining myself in this case.

I won’t go into plot here, but I will say that on my desk is a copy of Gray’s Anatomy, the floor plan of an English Manor House, and the annotated Through the Looking Glass.

Back to the salt mines!