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Girl parts 1: Programmed for Love

50 viewers follow live blog by the suicide of Nora bird. Of these 750 people no one is calling for help.
In this jaded world, to be spent in teaching, and activities at the computer with online friends, playing the new novel by children’s and youth book author John M. Cusick.

Among them is the 16-year-old arrogant David Sun, in which the school psychologist diagnosed shortly after the suicide of a social disorder, as witnessed the suicide of his classmate elicits no feelings in it.

To David dealing with people, especially girls, to teach him buy his wealthy parents, the robot maid Rose. Rose embodies the ideal image of a girl for David and is programmed to love him forever. At the same time they should help him in dealing with his fellow man.

Throughout history, it is next to the popular David even to the outsider Charlie Nuvola, his time prefer to work alone in the woods to spend than the computer to the development of Rose, which the human teenage world adapts more and more and the question of whether a love between a human and a robot is possible.

This science fiction novel by David Rose and is continued in another band.

(Eve, trainee)

February 2012