Everyone You Know is Getting Married (Lyrics)

Mornings are for writing novels, afternoons for work, and evenings are for writing musicals.

Lately I’ve been blowing off steam working on the 2012 New York Melodrama, which is kinda sorta about the MTA, except set in the old west.  Now that the song writing bit is winding down and the producing / casting / acting bit is winding up, my piano hours have been spent tinkering with a musical feature film. My concept is something like Reservoir Dogs, except a ten-year high school reunion… Anyway, the story is still coming together, and I’ve written two-and-a-half out of 12-or-so songs. It’s seriously undeveloped, but I wanted to share with y’all the first half of a song I’ve been tinkering with this week.

The Scene: Three female friends at their ten-year high school reunion find common ground in their frustrations over everyone they know getting married. They’re not jealous. Maybe two of them are already married. They’re just sick of other people’s weddings taking over their social lives (which, for those of you who are not yet twenty-seven, believe me, it feels that way sometimes). The girls exchange lines in the middle of the verse.


Everyone You Know is Getting Married: 

Everyone you know is getting married,

…In the summer!
…In the spring!
…In time for Christmas!

Save the date and be so kind to R.S.V.P.
Every weekend for the next five years will be,
Cordially appropriated in the name of matrimony


Everyone you know is getting married,

…In Orlando!
…On the Vineyard!
…At my mother’s…

Book your rooms and don’t forget to book them early.
Doesn’t matter if you can’t afford the flight,
We don’t mind if you’re confined to Greyhounds over night.

Everyone you know is getting married,
It’s a matrimonial blight!


Everyone you know is having babies,

…In the autumn!
…Oh you’re glowing!
…I’m enormous…

Ladies get together and we’ll plan a shower.
We’re so glad you’re passing on your DNA!
We’ll expect the labor pictures up on Facebook any day now.

Everyone you know is getting married,
And some with a bun on the way!