What I Googled Today

What Did You Google Today? Part 2:

CHERRY MONEY BABY revision is due next week. Today I’m doing a final polish, checking a few facts. Here, by way of a teaser trailer for the novel, is What I Googled Today:

Is it Jennifer Wallace or Jennifer Walters?

One of my favorite scenes ever.

The Big Bang Burger Bar (because Milliways would be too obvious)

What’s the super poisonous one?

That would be a great name for a night club…

What Did You Google Today?

Well it’s time for another edition of Journal-By-Chrome-Tabs. I’m kicking off the first draft of a fresh novel, and here’s what I’m searching:

How flammable?

Is Vanity one?

Potential pun with “addle.”

A good literary herb.

Are they actually spirals?