Where Are My Dragons

I Got the Strangest Spam Mail Today



Plese read this is not spaM:Hey its Dee Dee. I have been traveling abroad with some friends and it looks like my passport, wallet, and dragons have been stolen. I need a $520, a ship, and my dragons to get back home. I know we don’t know eachother well but if you could please help me I promise I will pay you back and make you a High Lord of the Seven Kingdoms ASAP, as soon as I get back! So sorry I know this is so embarassign. Please sen dmoney quickly adn especially the dragons, because as I said someone has stolen my dragons. They are just gone. The cages are still there but the dargons aren’t in them. Also my passport and wallet.


Thnx so much Im so sorry and I really appreciate it

-Daenerys “Dee Dee” Targaryen


All my dragons got stolen. Please send dragons.