YARN Goes to Japan with “Abandon Changes”

So this is cool.“Tokyo tower” courtesy of apple 94 (flickr.com).

As you may know, the awesome website YARN (YA Review Network) occasionally publishes short stories of mine. Last month they did my timey-wimey anti-love story, 700 Years in Heaven.

In addition to short-fiction and interviews, YARN also creates lesson plans around their publications. This month, their Japan-themed curriculum features Abandon Changes: A Girl Parts Story, originally-posted in 2011.

It’s super neat, as a writer, to see your stuff used to teach. I’m flattered to be included. The lesson plan looks super cool (I wish we had stuff like this when I was in high school). Check it out.

Thanks YARN!


New Short Story! 700 YEARS IN HEAVEN


What if you could be with the person you love forever? Well, not quite forever, but a really long time. Like…maybe a bit too long…

A late night high school party. Some harmless flirting. And a pre-fab time machine.

Next Monday, February 11th, Y.A. Review will publish my brand new short story: 700 Years In Heaven.

I’m so excited about this one. Mark your calendars! And in the meantime, you can check out Y.A. Review’s post of Abandon Changes: A Girl Parts Story.


GIRL PARTS Story to Appear on YARN

It’s official! A GIRL PARTS story will appear later this year on the fabulous and prestigious YARN, a.k.a the Y.A. Review Network. The story takes place six months after the end of GIRL PARTS and will reveal, among other things, Rose’s whereabouts.

I’ll keep you posted on the release date. Now, back to writing…